Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Overcoming Unexpected Changes in Life

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by change? I know I do!

This week in Greybull, Elder Carter and I had a pretty unexpected change in our everyday routine of being a missionary; we hit a curb and blew out our tire! After getting our heart rates to drop back to normal we called our vehicle coordinator, Elder Ives, to receive council and wisdom on how best to proceed. In the meantime, we had a jack and spare tire to help us get by until our car would receive a replacement tire.

Our lives are similar to the path the car Elder Carter and I drive. Most of the time our lives move forward without too much delay. However, at times there are events that can cause us pain (blow out our tire) and we struggle to move on. Sometimes we inflict the pain upon ourselves by getting off track and "hitting the curb" in our life. Other times pain is caused by the carelessness of another. (Ex: popping a tire on a nail another carelessly placed on the road).

Despite the cause of our pain we find ourselves needing relief. Just as Elder Carter could rely upon the council and wisdom found in the words of Elder Ives; we can find council and wisdom in the scriptures to help us know how to continue. We  also had a lift to raise the car long enough to put on a spare tire and continue to move forward until we can replace the wheel on our car. Similarly, Jesus Christ provides the Strength to lift our lives long enough to patch us up and "put on a spare tire." The effects are still there but as we move forward and "move on," eventually we will have felt the influence of the Savior as he replaces our "spare" tire with a new, "whole" tire.
Despite the pain in life we can be made whole through the Atonement of the Savior. Thank the Lord, for his guiding strength and love he has for each and everyone of us.


  1. Nice post, I remember how bad those curbs are!

  2. Everyday experience into a gospel lesson, awesome! Though, I like to think of Christ as the one that helps us move from the beat up tire, to the spare tire, and then to the new tire (or whole one).
    Good ole mission vehicles!

  3. In reality the Savior was with us every step of the way. I appreciate your imput Sister Brittany Nestman! Does anyone else have a view on how the Savior applies to our lives/ this story?!? Please leave a comment!