Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Plunge

Ever jump off a really high cliff? If so, than you have experienced the nervousness that accompanies your first attempt when jumping a new cliff. Your heart beat starts racing as the adrenaline pumps through your body. A battle begins to take place within yourself as what you will do. 

Either you will gain the exhilarating experience of plummeting, through the air, into the water or you will walk away, the same as you came.

Committing 100% when cliff jumping is imperative. If you don't fully commit during take off than you risk the possibility of hitting the cliff side or other undesirable obstacles, before reaching the water. Furthermore, if you are jumping from high enough, than you had better point your feet down or dive appropriately so that you will emerge from the water unscathed. You must be committed from take off, through your airborne descent, and finally upon entering the water itself.

Our decision to follow Jesus Christ is the same way. Much like the commitment found in cliff jumping finds us in the cool refreshing waters below; the path of discipleship will lead one to the waters of baptism. Upon doing so, we experience an exhilarating journey that comes, only, after committing ourselves to the path of discipleship and entering the waters of baptism. Then, he/she experiences a peace and joy that comes from being cleansed from sin.

Doing so also entitles us to receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost which will further help us to follow the Savior in our lives; where we will, certainly, encounter more daunting cliffs. Each will require a renewed faith and commitment to the Savior. As we continue taking the difficult plunges of life, found in discipleship, we will continue to gain valuable experiences that will increase our faith and commitment to the Lord and which will bring us inexpressible joy.

As remain faithful to the path the Lord has placed and marked for us, to the end, we will be guided back into the loving arms of our Father in Heaven and receive a fullness of his joy; even, Eternal life.

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