Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rescue Missions (Part 2)

Some rescue missions are a successful and some are not. When and why do they fail??? I know of at least one reason, in which Elder Carter and I were involved.

It was a normal sabbath morning... or so we thought. We prepared for the day and went to church like always. When we got there Elder Carter and I noticed that there were quite a few members missing from the congregation, along with most of the bishopric. Half way through the meeting the only bishopric member on the stand, left the meeting and never came back.

Crazy, I know.

So we ended the meeting on our own; singing the closing hymn and having the benediction. After the meeting was over Elder Carter and I soon discovered the reason why there were so few members at church and why the Bishopric was no where to be found. The boy scouts and their leaders had never returned home the previous night from their 20 mile hike.

So a group of 12 men from the church, Elder Carter and I included, set out to rescue them in four vehicles and backpacks loaded with supplies. Due to limited communication with those stranded on the mountain, little was known about the group of scouts. In fact there was only one person out of the 12 of us who knew where they were supposed to come out of the mountain; from there we were to hike in and bring them food, water, etc.

Elder Carter and I hopped into a jeep with someone else who was driving that thought he knew how to get there. Stopping for gas and not bothering the others to wait for us the others continued on. As a result, we spent the next five hours touring the big horn mountains in an attempt to find the rest of the group and ultimately being of no use to the troubled scouts.

So take time to communicate with those around you; especially, those who are closest to you. Don't assume that others know exactly what your thinking or how you feel without first expressing yourself to them. Many failing friendships, relationships, and marriages in life can and will be rescued if both parties learn to communicate effectively with each other.

Lastly and most importantly, remember to keep your line open with God through prayer.

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