Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Rescue missions (Final): World's Greatest Rescue

Can you think of a time where you were rescued in life? I know I can!

Although I was a very young boy at the time, I can still remember my father cautioning me to stay away from a pit of coals as I ran by in a hot pursuit of tag. I remember vividly the pain of, later, sliding right into home plate (also known as the previously noted pit of hot coals). My father leaped from his chair and pulled me out within a matter of seconds. The pain was excruciating and the damage was instantaneous. Yet to this day, I distinctly remember the feelings of inexpressible joy and love for my father, as he lifted me out.

I felt as if I had been lifted from a pit of despair. I know that I am not alone in such experiences. In fact, we all have our own spiritual "pit's of despair" that we need rescuing from - they come as we sin. Having sinned, we experience its scorching presence in the form of guilt, shame, pain, and/or sorrow.

Likewise, we can all experience inexpressible joy and love for our father in heaven as we escape from the effects of sin, through faith in Jesus Christ and repentance. As we do so, we will find peace of mind and joy that comes from being forgiven. This pattern of living will draw us closer to our Savior, resulting in a desire to be completely cleansed from all our sins. This is accomplished as we follow the example of Jesus Christ and are baptized.

Just as I have never forgotten the joy of being lifted physically from that pit of hot coals by my father; I have never forgotten the joy of being lifted out of the waters of baptism by that same man. I could feel the spirit whisper to my soul that I was truly cleansed from all sin. That is the world's greatest rescue, allowing us to enter in the presence of God and it was made possible the by the Savior!

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