Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Repentance- the second principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, to change our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not in harmony with God's will. When we repent we feel godly sorrow, then we stop doing things that are wrong and continue doing things that are right. The apostle Paul explained this concept to the saints in Corinth in 2 Corinthians 7:9-10. We can return to live with God the Father only through Christ's mercy, and we receive Christ's mercy only on conditions of repentance.

To repent, we:

1. Recognize our sins and feel remorse (godly sorrow)
2. Confess our sins to God.
3. We confess serious sins to God's authorized Church Leaders, who can help us through the repentance process.
4. We ask God in prayer to forgive us.
5. We do all we can to correct the problems our actions may have caused. (restitution)

As we sincerely repent, we turn away from our sins and do them no more. We will resist any desire to commit sin. Our desire to follow God grows stronger and deeper.

Such repentance brings several results:
1. We feel God's forgiveness and His peace in our lives.
2. Our guilt and sorrow are swept away.
3. We feel the influence of the Spirit in greater abundance.

As we learn more about what the Savior expects of us, we will want to show our love by obeying Him. Thus, as we repent daily, we will find that our lives will change and improve. Our hearts and behavior will become more Christlike. We will come to feel great joy in repenting daily.

It is through Jesus Christ that our burdens may be lifted and it is through the process of repentance that these feelings will be experienced. May we all seek that personal relationship with our Savior and may we all come to know of the "healing in his wings." (2 Nephi 25:13)

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