Friday, March 25, 2011

Come unto Him

I have always loved music. It always seems to touch me in a special way. This clip is a song titled "Come ye Disconsolate" sung by Jason Barney. It depicts the story of Jesus Christ appearing to the people living on the American Continent as recorded in the Book of Mormon in 34 A.D. (3 Nephi 11). It is stirring in its lyrics, depiction, and the comfort it can give to us all.

I know that this event truly happened and that Jesus Christ is the savior for all. That he is the savior of "whom the prophets testified [would] come into the world." He appeared to these people and healed their sick, blessed the children, and prayed in behalf of them. I know that through him we can all return back to our Heavenly Father and that in him we can find true peace in our lives.

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