Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Temple: The House of the Lord

If you're wondering what a temple is, this article is dedicated to helping you learn, know, and feel of the sacredness and sanctity of temples around the world. You will find that every temple will have the phrase, "Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord" inscribed on it somewhere. The temple is just that, the house of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ. It is a very sacred building that is set "apart" from the world, both literally and spiritually.

Cochabamba, Bolivia Temple
If you were to visit a temple it would look much like the picture to the right. The temple itself will have been built with extreme care and exactness. The walls will often be white resembling the holiness of the building itself or beautiful stone perhaps, suggesting the rock (Jesus Christ) we must build the foundations of our lives on. The landscape surrounding the temple will mirror the beauty of the temple itself and will be maintained and carefully tended too. Even the location of the temple will often convey the message that it is "apart" from the world. It is often set upon a hill, overlooking the city/town it resides in and/or away from major highways and roads. Lastly, the inside of the temple will be exquisitely clean and quiet.

You will find that as you enter, all distractions and sound from beyond the walls of the temple disappear and in its place a sense of clarity and serenity will reside. It is in the temple that we can feel closest to our Heavenly Father through the Holy Ghost. For it truly is the house of the lord and it is here that we can find inspiration and guidance in added measure. As cliche as it sounds, words truly can not, adequately, describe the presence of God that dwells within the temple.

It is a place where members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints make sacred covenants to follow Jesus Christ and learn more about their relationship with God. These covenants are much like the commonly known covenant of baptism. In that covenant we promise to:

1. To take his name upon us
2. Always remember him
3. To keep his commandments

When we make that baptismal covenant by someone who holds the authority to do so from God, we are promised the Gift of the Holy Ghost. As we live up to our promise, God promises us that we will always have his Spirit to be with us.

I know that as we follow the commandments of God and humbly enter into the covenants set out for us to accomplish in this life, remaining faithful that we will receive the greatest blessing that God can give us: Eternal Life. As a witness of our Savior Jesus Christ who has, promised to take his name upon him, to always remember and to keep his commandments; I testify that temples are ordained of God in the sacred name of Jesus Christ.

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